February 2018

I'll be doing mini-readings for donations to Sophie's Circle Dog Rescue at Fortunato Park, Sat., Feb. 24, 6:00pm.  Go here for details!  

Tarot 1.0 (Novice) will be a 2-day workshop in February! Feb. 17 & 18.  3-4 hours each day (with breaks, of course).   There's room for 1 or 2 more people, so register now!  Get details and sign up here.

January 2018

Last call for Year Ahead 2018 Readings! What's in store for you in the coming twelve months?  We'll look at every area of your life  for information, guidance and insight, including how to align yourself with your lessons in 2018.  Go here for more information.

Conscious Aging Workshop is scheduled for February 24-March 17.  We'll meet for 4 Saturdays, from 1:00-3:00 p.m.  Go here and here for more information.  This is a life-improving workshop for the elder third of our lives. 

If you're interested in learning Interspecies Communication (Animal Communication), let me know.  I'd like to schedule a class for late March or early April. 

You can give any reading as a gift any time.  I'll send you a gift certificate that you can print and give to your friend.  Just let me know that you're purchasing a reading as a gift. 

December 2017

Tarot 1.0 (Novice) will be a 2-day workshop in February! Feb. 17 & 18.  3-4 hours each day (with breaks, of course).  Get details and sign up here, but remember that space is very limited so reserve your spot now.

The Year Ahead 2018 Readings won't last forever, so get yours now.  See November below for more information. 

Pet Finding information is here

And remember...  If you can't join a class, or simply prefer one-on-one, feel free to contact me about individual mentoring.  You can look at the Readings page and the Lessons page for the types of mentoring I offer.  The cost will vary, depending on the subject.  If you don't see what you're interested in, let's talk.  If I can't do it, I can probably refer you to someone who can.  

Conscious Aging Workshop will begin in February.  Details coming soon.  Likely 4 weeks, beginning late Feb. 

November 2017

Year Ahead 2018 Readings! What's in store for the coming year?  What can you do to get the most from 2018?  Now is the time to order a Year Ahead 2018 reading.  Go here for the Year Ahead 2018 Reading.  It's a great gift for someone else or for yourself.  If you want multiple readings (Year Ahead Tarot + Astrology, for example), let me know and I'll discount the additional one(s).

Holiday Gifts! You can give any reading, class, workshop or book as a gift.  Just order and pay the usual way, but you must also email me so I can send your friend or loved one a gift certificate.  I can send the gift certificate via email or real mail, so be sure to include the person's name and email or street address.

Tarot 1.0
Begins Sunday, Jan. 14!
4 weeks, 1:00-3:00 p.m.  Sign up here.  You can pay online or make other arrangements with me.  Space is very limited.

Please note:  As of November, I  am available for in-person or Skype readings Thursday through Sunday.  I am not available Mon., Tue, or Wed. 

Spring-Summer 2017

Big news! The new guidebook ("workbook") is done!  It's bigger and better than ever, with much more information.  It's not a WORKbook, it's a GUIDEbook to reading tarot.  Go here for more information on the new and improved GUIDEBOOK and how to get one.  (Former students, be sure to check this out!)



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CALM is Color And Light Meditation, an easy way
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Conscious Aging is a program designed by the
Institute of Noetic Sciences
   to help us live fully in the elder third of life. 

Brown Bag Inspiration, Brown Bag Affirmations
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