September 2017

HURRICANE SPECIALS! Yes, that's right.  A lot of people are stressed and stretched to the breaking point and are seeking information, guidance and hope.  I'm discounting readings of all kinds.  You must use this page for the discounts.

Tarot 1.0 class beginning soon in Daytona!  Space is limited, so email me now to save your place.  Just 3 more spots available!  More information is right here.

Interspecies Communication class will be offered soon, as well.  Watch here for details.  If you're interested, email me with two or three choices for meeting days and times. 

Watch for updated information on readings and Interspecies Communicaiton consultations.

Conscious Aging Workshop delayed due to Hurricane Irma.  Register by 9/26 and workshop begins September 30! Pre-register soon!  Go here for more information or here to register.  Links are also on the Conscious Aging page linked above.

Spring-Summer 2017

Big news! The new guidebook ("workbook") is done!  It's bigger and better than ever, with much more information.  It's not a WORKbook, it's a GUIDEbook to reading tarot.  Go here for more information on the new and improved GUIDEBOOK and how to get one.  (Former students, be sure to check this out!)

Pet Finding -- Please go here for more about finding lost pets. 

If you can't join a class, or simply prefer one-on-one, feel free to contact me about individual mentoring.  You can look at the Readings page and the Lessons page for the types of mentoring I offer.  The cost will vary, depending on the subject.  If you don't see what you're interested in, let's talk.  If I can't do it, I can probably refer you to someone who can. 



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Use the links above to learn more
about me and my services.

Readings are intuitive and I can read for you
and/or your companion animals. 

You can learn intuitive tarot, develop your
psychic abilities, participate in a vision board
workshop and more.

CALM is Color And Light Meditation, an easy way
to meditate and heal at the same time.

Conscious Aging is a program designed by the
Institute of Noetic Sciences
   to help us live fully in the elder third of life. 

Brown Bag Inspiration, Brown Bag Affirmations
and Brown Bag Meditations
are beautiful daily cards to uplift you
as you begin or end your day. 

Look around.
Questions?  Just ask.
Let me know how I can be of service.

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Please note that my internet service is intermittent.  If you don't receive a response from me, it's because I have lost internet service (again).  Crews from all over the country are working hard to restore all kinds of services to Florida, as well as tree and debris removal.  Thank you for your patience & understanding.